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 Czi - his.story o_O

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PostSubject: Czi - his.story o_O   Thu Aug 20, 2009 4:46 pm

Y halo thar!

Name's Kacper (Casper), age 21, Poland.

Also known as evil evil Shaghar (80 Horde Orc Hunter). On Alliance side I play with my Czi (soon to be 80 Draenei Hunter) and some low level alts.
I'm more than 2 years on server, at beginning we started alliance guild named Deathstars where I was leading. When I got my 1 year ban - I passed leading to Hoktar (he's in your guild also). After ban I camed back here, made Shaghar to lvl 80 and now I'm starting with Czi.
Most ppl know me as flamer that enjoys insulting and pissing off other players. Well I can stop it if you like Razz
Anyway. Want to be one of the best alliance hunters and represent your guild with that.
If you want to know me better (nongame hobby etc.) - just whisp on server.
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Czi - his.story o_O
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