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 oh i didnt properly introduced yet :P

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PostSubject: oh i didnt properly introduced yet :P   Sat May 23, 2009 4:59 am

hey im markus a 26 year old dude from holland nothing much about me since most ppl allready know me quite well here Twisted Evil here a character sheet affraid

Main Char
markus hu warrior lvl 70

Known acomplices (aka Alts)
manus ne rogue lvl 70
drani dr mage lvl 70
drana dr pala lvl 70
drany dr shaman lvl 70
slappy ne hunter lvl 70
elfi ne druid lvl 70
mitmar ne druid lvl 70
msbanks hu warlock lvl ??

My blizzard toon Twisted Evil

Maxed professions
everything Twisted Evil
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oh i didnt properly introduced yet :P
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