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PostSubject: DIviine   Thu May 07, 2009 6:41 pm

Hello ppl I'm real name it's Toma Florin and my nickname it's Twisted Evil "X " What a Face and yes..i'm a boy that play's on a girl char...had a problem long ago with the transfer of the char but that doesen't mather now king geek
I'm from Romania , if you don't know that's in S-E of Europe i live i a Vilage near the capital Bucharest that it's a realy nice place to grow up.... that me and my Gang enjoy it. ( Police love us, never ben arested till now:D )
I'm 19 years old average weight and height ( 1,73 m and 63 Kg ) with green /blue eyes
I like many thinks from fishing , playing card,fotball, playing lol! WOW lol! ,going to the gym ( from time to i'm in a brake)but i still have to work alot until i will have a big Body like Rowan's pirat ,to eating all kinds of food ,going on trips , wathing movies and racing with my Dacia 1310 ( no t a really good car...but since i just got my driving licens 6 months's my bumper car^^ What a Face u can see one on google and u will undestand me bether affraid )
I'm a Single person now , don't have a girlfriend anymore , but that isent a problem i can make one easy ,usualy ppl that get to know me become good friends or sometimes more Suspect
I'm a funny person i usualy never get angry or sad... i think that a smile Very Happy sometimes does more damagy then a hit with the fist Basketball bounce
this it's a picture since i started playing WOW cheers u can see me on my Epic lev 101 % mount chased by some Elites in SW ^^
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PostSubject: Re: DIviine   Sun May 10, 2009 8:11 pm

gg litle div:>
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